Country Matrix

Last Updated: 6:58 PM Pacific, 12/20/2021.

Priority Countries for Assignment:
Cote d'Ivoire
Syrian Arab Republic

GA4: General Assembly Fourth Committee
HRC-UPR: Human Rights Council - Universal Periodic Review
UNDP: United Nations Development Programme - Executive Board
SC: Security Council

GA and SC memberships are final as listed below. 
Real-world membership changes to any of the committees will be reflected at NWMUN, which may result in updates to committees assigned for the relevant country or countries.

The Human Rights Council membership includes 2022-2024 members even though the election is scheduled for October 14, because (other than in Eastern Europe) there are the same number of candidates currently running as there are open seats for election. In Eastern Europe, there is only one candidate - Lithuania - for two spots, so the other Eastern European spot is left empty for a total of 46 members (the maximum is 47). If another country ends up running for the other Eastern European seat, we will update to include that country.

X: Member of the Committee
P: Permanent Membership (SC only)
SuR: State Under Review (HRC-UPR only) that is not a member of the committee.
* SuR *: State Under Review (HRC-UPR only) that is also a voting member of the committee.
O: Observer Membership
Please note that all committees at NWMUN-Portland are single-delegate, meaning one delegate represents each country in each committee.

Country assignments listed as "Pending" are provisional and are subject to change; they are held for up to two weeks to allow delegations to pay for their assignments. If payment is received within this period, the term "pending" will be removed to reflect a confirmed registration; if not, the country assignment will be reversed and other delegations may request the country once more.