Northwest Model United Nations - Portland 2020
February-March 2020
Portland, Oregon, USA

Information on NWMUN-Portland 2020 is being posted constantly; please check back for updates!
Information on NWMUN-Portland 2019 is available at its archived website

Please consider applying for our staff for NWMUN-Seattle 2019 and NWMUN-Portland 2020!

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Northwest Model United Nations Mission Statement

Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) is committed to educating and improving the lives of students by enhancing studentsā€™ understanding of the political and institutional workings of the United Nations (UN). Through NWMUN, college students act as delegates to international organizations and debate a range of issues, consistent with the procedures of the UN.

NWMUN is the premier Model United Nations conference in the Pacific Northwest - a forum that cultivates international awareness and understanding, and provides diverse opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment, as well as for personal growth.

A project of the Northwest Association for Global Affairs (NWA).

PleaseĀ contact the Secretary-General for any press inquiries.