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This space will have all of the outcomes of the conference available: the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and Security Council; the Presidential Statements and Press Statements issued by the Security Council; and the reports of the Universal Periodic Review process of the Human Rights Council.

Please note that only adopted documents (in other words, those that passed) will be listed here. Draft resolutions, report segments, etc. which were not adopted are not listed here. Additionally, please note that vote counts represent recorded votes via a roll call vote or simple placard vote - specifically, abstentions refer to recorded abstentions and do not include delegations not present in the room during the vote; delegations who are members of the committee but were not present throughout the session; or delegates who were present during the vote but chose not to register any vote at all (but who are counted as abstentions under the committee's rules of procedure).

If there is any incorrect or incomplete information on this page, please let us know by emailing sg.portland [at] nwmun.org. Thank you!

General Assembly Plenary

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Human Rights Council - Univeral Periodic Review

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Security Council

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